Feb 29, 2012

Open Day at Franke Scrub Sunday 25 March

To celebrate the installation of our new signs, we are having an open day from 9-12 on Sunday morning 25th March. We will be setting up from 8 am if you would like to come and help with this, then manning a display, answering questions and showing people around. Bring along a chair and smoko and we can have a chat in the shade or check on progress.
We will have trees, which are represented in our scrub, for sale from Crows Nest Nursery - $2.50 and $5.00 [some larger ones]. This is a chance to obtain very good quality local natives which are ideal for our local gardens, being most attractive to birds and butterflies as well as to us.
See also Open Day at Franke Scrub at Toowoomba Plants

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