Oct 4, 2008

Another October Working Bee!

It was decided at the last working bee that we would have another, on our traditional date - the fifth Wednesday of the month (Wednesday 29th October). All helpers are very welcome.
We start at 9.00am, break at 10.30 for morning tea, then decide individually whether to work on or go home.
PLEASE BRING: Secateurs, digging tools- from small trowels to big diggers, bag to put rubbish in, and morning tea.
CONSIDER YOUR COMFORT and safety. You might want gloves, sunscreen, insect repellant (ticks are not common, but possible), hat, kneeling gear, and chair for morning tea.

The First October Working Bee
We had a productive working bee last Wednesday, splitting ourselves into two groups. One over old ground near the leopard ash (which is splendidly ornamented with the yellow flowers of the mistlet0e Amyema lucasii, at the moment) , removing small asparagus plants. The other tackled the cats claw on the other side of the gully, making very satisfying progress in getting it down from the trees, and digging up large numbers of those pesky little tubers. We hope that there will be no flowers setting seed in the scrub this summer.
Steve and Jamie (representing the council) collected the tubers as we worked, putting them into a bucket of water. Cats claw plants are needed for the research into biological control. Some of the tubers were well hidden below roots of plants we value, and Steve and Jamie used Access and diesel on the stems leading from them. This is a very effective poison, but a dangerous one, as just a small splash could kill a plant we don’t want killed, so they took great care that tiny amounts were applied with great accuracy.
They also took the opportunity to water the new young plants of the revegetation programme.