Feb 29, 2012

Bower Vine flowering in our canopy

We were pleased to find pink flowers on the ground while wandering in our reserve at our February meeting.
Bower Vine or Pandorea jasminoides is a popular and attractive garden plant and it is native to our area. A root-climbing woody twiner, it flowers from spring to summer. It is common in the rainforests and wet Eucalypt forests along the Dividing Range. They also grow naturally in the drier environment of Gowrie Junction.
They have shiny green foliage and their large, trumpet-shaped flowers are light pink with a ruby red throat.
As the name suggests, they are substantial vines with woody stems,suitable for training over an arch or pergola to make a lovely shady bower. Alternatively, they are popular on fences and trellises.
More information on growing these local natives in your own garden can be found at Toowoomba Plants

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