Jul 31, 2008

Signs of Spring

This Parsonsia vine is a new one for our Franke Scrub plant list.

Sandalwood Santalum lanceolatum galls not fruits. As well as being a handsome shapely small tree, it has a tasty bush tucker fruit. It is a semi-parasitic plant, probably depending on the roots of the grasses (Austrostipa spp.) which grow under it for its good health.

Friends and finches at Franke’s

It was a glorious morning at Franke Road after a frosty dawn. The finches were chattering and we made good progress in the soft red earth, with its carpet of fresh green shoots following the recent wet weather. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 29th October. We hope to see you then.

Weed warriors

After the initial foray,
one gradually becomes familiar with the enemy:
the way it looks in the canopy.
Feel its connection with the ground
and find the familiar look of its base.
Slide weapon beneath young roots.
Snip and disconnect earth to sky.
Launch a vigorous attack on a seasoned crown.
The severed head is removed and held high
before being consigned to a bag.
And on to the next conquest.

This particular crown was gained by a more clinical procedure as it had to be removed from a difficult position behind a blackthorn bush, while being careful not to damage a particularly fine specimen of a scrambling caper Capparis sarmentosa - our last act for the morning.
The ripe fruits of this Asparagus may have been the only ones which made it this year thanks to our efforts.

Jul 15, 2008

July meeting coming up

A reminder that we are meeting again in two weeks time, on Wednesday 30th July at 9 am at Franke Road, off Cawdor Drive at Highfields.

Bring tools to chip and snip weeds, a bag to accumulate rubbish in, gloves, protective clothing, smoko and a chair to sit on, camera, botanical keys, or whatever items might promote your enjoyment of a couple of hours in a nice dry vine scrub remnant on our doorstep.
Crowns of asparagus vine. As you can see they have good reserves to regenerate if not fully removed.