Feb 29, 2012

Free Tree Day

We are closely associated with Peacehaven Botanic Park in nearby Highfields. They are having a free tree day in early March. At Peacehaven, you can see specimens of many of the trees which used to cover this area and are now reduced to small remnants of vegetation, such as our road reserve in Franke Road.
We now have a greater appreciation of the value of the diversity of species that occurs in rainforests and their drier related vine scrubs. Unfortunately many remnant patches of original vegetation have become smothered by invasive weeds such as lantana, privet, prickly pear, asparagus fern and cats claw creeper. We are fortunate at Franke Scrub that this weed invasion has been minimal and that our efforts over recent years have reduced the impact so that we can enjoy this accessible sample of  how things once were.

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