Sep 10, 2012

Conservation Volunteers in action

Last week we got some useful help from Conservation Volunteers Australia. This was organised through Dawn Heath and Alex Kennedy of the Adopt-a-Patch program. 
The volunteers were eight enthusiastic young people from Japan, Taiwan and France, with an English supervisor. It proved to be a challenging week for them, removing asparagus vine and cat's claw, and encountering some of our local wildlife in the form of a dead Burton's snake-lizard, a carpet snake and an eastern brown snake, as well as a large [possibly a wolf] spider.

Trish, George and Lee visited them during the week then Lee took them out to lunch. 
Their efforts will make a big difference to the scrub this summer.
The Adopt a Patch project is made possible through funding by the Australian Government's Caring for Our Country program.
Thank you George for the photos.