Aug 23, 2010

August meeting

The rain should be cleared away for our monthly meeting at Franke Scrub this week. After our very successful information stand at Peacehaven Botanic Garden on National Tree Day we hope to see some new faces. Bring smoko, chair, camera, secateurs, chipping tool and weed bag if you are so inclined. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning 25th August.

Aug 3, 2010

National Tree Day at Peacehaven

We were lucky with the weather for our display at Peacehaven. It turned out to be a pleasant sunny morning with good crowds who found our display interesting, so we probably achieved our purpose of letting people in the Highfields area know more about their remnant vegetation and also of our existence.

It was nice to see young people interested in using local plants in their gardens.
Personally I am finding these plants, which I have obtained from the Crows Nest Council nursery and some friends, to be quite fascinating in my new garden. They are growing very well despite the difficult conditions in the past few years.