Nov 27, 2008

Christian College Helps in Franke Scrub

Like much of the district, Franke Scrub showed signs of soil movement after last week’s heavy rains.
Steve Plant has been working in the scrub with 26 students from The Christian College at Highfields, a school which has long been involved in practical work for the environment.
They have removed some of the green panic grass which has invaded the edges of the stream, and planted grasses, rushes and lilies, with the intention that they will compete with invading weedy grasses, and help to stabilise the soil.
Species chosen:

Stout Bamboo Grass Austrostipa ramossissima, a sturdy local native grass which can reach shoulder height.

Long-leafed Matrush, Lomandra longifolia, a very commonly grown native whose flowers can have a strong perfume.
flowers of L. longifolia

Many-flowered Matrush, Lomandra multiflora, a smaller plant which isn’t used in gardens much, although it would be very suitable for it.

Short-stemmed Flax Lily, Dianella pedunculata, a lily whose flowers and berries are often hidden down amongst the foliage. It has been used extensively in Rockhampton’s Kershaw Botanic Gardens, for edging shady paths.