Jun 29, 2011

Winter in the scrub

Winter is a nice time of year to visit the scrub. Beneath the canopy you are sheltered from wind and rain and you know you are not alone, with birds and no doubt other inhabitants also enjoying it.
Four of us came this morning to weed. We are still removing cats claw from one corner and some asparagus vine continues to germinate. We hope we can keep up and we are being assisted by many interesting small plants which have been waiting their opportunity.
Consider joining us on the last Wednesday in July when we next meet.

Jun 13, 2011

Rosenthal Scrub at Warwick

Another patch of remnant vegetation is being protected from urban development at Warwick. Much of the Warwick area was once covered by this ecosystem, but now less than 10% remains. The 7 hectare reserve in South West Warwick is accessed via Schoch Rd, Everest Rd and West View Road. Contact SGAP Warwick or Landcare Warwick, or just go for a stroll.
It will be interesting to compare plant lists to see what species we have in common.
Flindersia collina [our smoko tree] at Rosenthal scrub.

Jun 12, 2011

Weeds and introduced plants

Araujia sericifolia Moth vine

Asparagus africanus Climbing Asparagus

Bidens pilosa Cobbler’s Peg

Chloris gayana Rhodes Grass

Lantana camara Lantana

Ligustrum lucidum Privet

Lycium ferocissimum African Boxthorn

Macfadyena unguis-cati Cats Claw Creeper

Opuntia tomentosa Velvet Tree Pear

Oxalis corniculata Creeping Wood-sorrel

Panicum maximum var. trichoglume Green Panic

Solanum americanum Glossy Nightshade

Solanum seaforthianum Brazilian Nightshade

Tagetes minuta Stinking Roger

Verbena tenuisecta Mayne’s Pest

Verbena rigida Stiff Verbena


Amyema lucasii Lucas’s Mistletoe

Amyema congener Variable Mistletoe

Viscum articulatum Jointed Mistletoe

Native understory plants

Abutilon oxycarpum Abutilon

Ajuga australis Bugle

Commelina diffusa Wandering Sailor

Dichondra repens Kidney Plant

Einadia nutans Nodding Saltbush

Geranium solanderi Native geranium

Glycine sp Glycine

Hydrocotyle sp. Pennywort

Lobelia purpurescens Whiteroot

Nyssanthes diffusa Barbed Wire Plant

Pimelia sp Pimelia

Plumbago zeylanica Native Plumbago

Plectranthus parvifolius Spur Flower

Pseuderanthemum variabile Love Flower

Sida subspicata Sida

Solanum stelligerum Star Nightshade

Solanum mitchellianum Mitchell’s nightshade

Tetragonia tetragonioides Warrigal greens

Urtica incisa Native Nettle

Wahlenbergia sp. Native Bluebell

Native grasses

Austrostipa verticillata Bamboo Grass

Austrostipa ramosissima Stout Bamboo Grass

Microlaena sp. Weeping Rice Grass

Oplismenus aemulus Wavy Shade-grass

Native Ferns

Asplenium australasicum Birds Nest Fern

Cheilanthes sieberi Resurrection fern

Pyrrosia rupestris Felt Fern

Pyrrosia confluens Robber Fern

Native climbers

Capparis sarmentosa Scrambling Caper

Cayratia clematidea Slender Water Vine

Celastrus subspicata Staff Vine

Clematis fawcettii Fawcett’s Clematis

Eustrephus latifolius Wombat Berry

Geitonoplesium cymosum Scrambling Lily

Jasminum didymum subsp. racemosum Slender Jasmine

Jasminum simplicifolium subsp. australiense Stiff Jasmine

Jasminum suavissimum Sweet Jasmine

Pandorea jasminoides Bower Vine

Pandorea pandorana Wonga Vine

Parsonsia leichhardtii Lobed silkpod

Smilax australis Barbed Wire Vine

Trophis scandens Burney vine

Native shrubs

Acalypha capillipes Spiny acalypha

Alyxia ruscifolia Chain Fruit

Breynia oblongifolia Breynia

Bursaria spinosa Bursaria

Carissa ovata Kunkerberry

Cassinia laevis Cough Bush

Clerodendrum floribundum Hairy Lolly Bush

Eremophila debilis Devil’s Marbles

Erythroxylum sp. Splityard Creek Redwood Bush

Everistia vaccinifolia Small-leafed Canthium

Maireana microphylla Scrub Saltbush

Maireana microphylla Scrub Saltbush

Maytenus bilocularis Hedge Orange-bark

Pittosporum viscidum Black-fruited Orange-thorn

Pittosporum angustifolium Meemeei

Spartothamnella juncea Bead Bush

Turraea pubescens Native Witch-hazel

Wikstroemia indica Bootlace Bush

Native Trees

Alectryon subdentatus Hard Birds Eye

Alectryon diversifolium Scrub Boonaree

Alectryon pubescens Hairy Boonaree

Alectryon subcinereus Native Quince

Alphitonia excelsa Soap Tree

Alstonia constricta Bitter Bark

Aphananthe philippensis Axe Handlewood

Arytera foveolata Pitted Coogera

Arytera divaricata Coogera

Atalaya salicifolia Weeping Whitewood

Auranticarpa rhombifolia Hollywood

Austromyrtus bidwillii Python Tree

Baloghia inophylla Scrub Bloodwood

Brachychiton populneus Kurrajong

Bursaria incana Sweet Bursaria

Capparis mitchellii Mitchell’s Bumble Tree

Capparis arborea Bumble Tree

Claoxylon australe Brittlewood

Croton insularis Silver Croton

Cupaniopsis parvifolia Small-leafed Tuckeroo

Denhamia pittosporoides Veiny Denhamia

Dinosperma erythrococcum Tingletongue

Drypetes australasica Yellow Tulipwood

Elaeocarpus obovatus Blueberry Quandong

Cassine australis Red Olive-plum

Elattostachys xylocarpa White Beetroot Tree

Eucalyptus moluccana Gum-topped box

Excoecaria dallachyana Blind your eye

Flindersia collina Leopard Ash

Geijera salicifolia Scrub Wilga

Maytenus disperma Orange-bark Tree

Melicope micrococca White Doughwood

Notelaea microcarpa Velvet Mock-olive

Planchonella cotinifolia Yellow Condoo

Psydrax odoratum forma buxifolium Shiny Canthium

Rapanea variabilis Muttonwood

Santalum lanceolatum Sandalwood

Siphonodon australis Ivorywood

Streblus brunonianus Whalebone Tree

Vitex lignum-vitae Satinwood