Feb 29, 2008

Listed and now found

At our last gathering in January Plumbago zeylanica or Native plumbago was located.
Although it is on our plant list, we had not found it since we started our group. It is probably easier to find when it is in flower in January.

Feb 25, 2008

Leopard Ash and mistletoe

Flindersia collina October 2006
We are here on the fifth Wednesday of the month.

Amyema lucasii Lucas's Mistletoe growing on the Leopard Ash.
Photos - Trish October 2006


Siphonodon australe fruit in January 2008

Feb 19, 2008

A closer look

at eye level - click on the photo then use the back arrow on your browser to return to the blog entry.

on the ground - Myoporum montanum - Mountain Boobialla

Approaching the scrub

Tingletongue, Dinosperma
erythrococcum berries in February 2008

Franke Scrub support group

The first meeting of this group was held in June 2006 when a survey of plants was done. We checked this off against a plant list compiled by Martin Bennett.

Since then a group has met regularly with continuing support from Steve Plant and Crows Nest Shire council. Our main task has been to remove asparagus vine Asparagus plumosus which had taken over the canopy, while the council has dealt with other weeds including lantana. There has also been some rubbish removal undertaken, and some planting.