Mar 30, 2012

A large caterpillar

The large caterpillar we found on open day has been identified for us by Don Herbison-Evans. It is the "common anthelid moth", Anthelida canescens.
Like so much of Australian wildlife, it is not completely studied, with the only known host plant being Cadarghi, Corymbia torreliana. In Franke Scrub, it probably breeds on the gum-topped box, Eucalyptus moluccana - the only Eucalyptus in the scrub.
The caterpillars turn into large moths, with the females having a 7cm wingspan.
see also Brisbane moths

Mar 28, 2012

Open Day

It is nearly six years since we formed the Friends of Franke Scrub and we proved ourselves a vibrant group with our second open day on Sunday. The team set up from 8 am with visitors turning up from before 9 until after midday - estimated at over 80 people. The plant sale was very popular and people also took the opportunity to join a tour through the scrub and around our new signs on the perimeter. With a lovely morning and the scrub looking so lush after recent rain, we put on a great show.

 Legless lizard