Oct 30, 2014

Looking good

We had a good roll up for our October meeting and it was very pleasant working in the shade. It is nice to see the small seedlings which come up.
We seem to be getting on top of the climbing asparagus ferns, apart from those at the eastern end on the road alignment. These need to be stopped before they produce seed to spread into the scrub.
We also found some more cat's claw with quite a large bulb so we are keeping our eye out for more outbreaks.

Oct 27, 2014

Spring time in our scrub

Looking forward to checking out our scrub with you this Wednesday morning October 29th.
A hot day is forecast for our gathering so we will try to get out there a bit earlier than 9 am and stop for smoko at 10 am.
It will be nice to get outdoors for a while and see what Spring has brought to the scrub before we retreat indoors during the hot part of the day.
This year seems to be one of the driest we have had for a while.

Aug 23, 2014

August - time to meet again

Our next gathering is next Wednesday the 27 August. It will be good to see how things are going after some rain.
Meet at 9 am or earlier if not prefer.
Bring smoko, weeding tools, camera

Jul 31, 2014

July scrubbing

We had a good turnout for our July gathering. We continue to maintain the reserve in good condition and find nice little seedlings coming up as well as the asparagus fern.

Jun 24, 2014

June meeting

It promises to be a lovely morning tomorrow at Franke Scrub.
We hope to see you there.

May 25, 2014

May meeting at the scrub

Once again we will be meeting at Franke Scrub this Wednesday 28 May from 9-11 am. Bring weeding tools, camera, binoculars, smoko and chair and enjoy a morning out in the lovely weather we are having at present.

May 17, 2014

The scrub on display

Today, as part of Volunteers week, the council held a Parks Volunteers Recognition and Networking Event at Newtown Park Hall.
In addition to our display we were well represented as Trish was asked to stand in as a speaker at short notice. She gave an interesting, illustrated talk on birds and local vegetation in relation to our local environment and our own gardens. She may have been speaking to the converted but there was plenty of food for thought as well as for the birds.
This was followed by another very good illustrated talk by Nathan the Snake Catcher, who also brought some reptiles for us to enjoy.
While the number attending was limited, it was a great idea and good to meet other people interested in volunteering in our parks and bushland areas.

Apr 30, 2014

Lovely morning in the Scrub

We had a most enjoyable morning in the scrub removing cat's claw creeper and asparagus fern, which continue to appear despite ongoing attention. However the recent rain has also brought on nice fresh growth of our diverse native vegetation and it is a pleasure to spend time inside it.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 28th May. Turn up anytime between 8.30 and 10.30 and you will find us there.

Mar 25, 2014

March Get-Together

Our usual monthly event will be on Wednesday March 26th this month.
9.00am for working bee, which will be focussing on weeding Asparagus vine and cats claw.
10.30am for morning tea. People who don't want to get their hands dirty are always welcome to join us for a chat.
1. Your own safety gear: sun and tick protection, gloves, wear long trousers and solid shoes, etc.
2. Your own tools: secateurs, strong little trowel of spade, mini-mattock, etc. Even an old knife helps with small weeds. Bring something to put your weeds into for taking away - a plastic bag or cardboard box.
3. Morning tea,  and a chair (unless you prefer to sit on the ground or a handy rock).

Some of our members will be away this month, so did a bit of extra  work last weekend. They report that the ground is soft, and perfect for digging out weeds.
The bit of rain has meant that the track is slightly muddy - but the road has a good bottom and it takes a lot of rain to make it unsuitable for 2-wheel drive vehicles, so it's unlikely that you'll have a problem with it.