May 12, 2008

April gathering

Our fifth Wednesday in April commenced with Trish being interviewed about our activities at Franke Scrub on local ABC radio at 6.45 am. As a result we got some new people at 9 am. If this was not enough excitement, in rolled a mini-bus of Greening Australia workers but they were only there for a look, being occupied in Charles and Motee Rogers Park in Highfields.

It was very dry in the scrub, but looking quite good. We continued the remove asparagus vine and also some Cat's Claw creeper and were caught on camera by the local WIN TV and were on the news that night.

After smoko, we had a stroll through with Steve noticing these plants among many -
Caper white butterflies on the Capparis sarmentosa on the northern roadside
Plumbago zeylanica in flower on the ground at the lower end.
Oily hand lotion from the fruits of Pittosporum viscidum. The finches also love nesting in it.
Streblus sandpaper leaves. There was also a large leaf seedling down in the creek area.
Little galled fruits on the Ruby saltbush Enchylaena tomentosa
Cassinia laevis with mistletoe at upper end of the scrub.
A Beetroot tree Elattostachys xylocarpa with lovely bunches of opening capsules.
Breynia oblongifolia – in a different environment to Ravensbourne, where it is common.
Spartothamnella juncea with orange berries.

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