Apr 23, 2008

Our Endangered Ecosystem

The Queensland Environmental Protection Agency has classified our Regional Ecosystem 12.8.21, “low microphyll vine forest and semi-evergreen vine thicket” growing on basalt soil as an endangered ecosystem, making it one of the most threatened ecosystems in south-east Queensland
Their description of the typical vegetation is " Brachychiton rupestris, Flindersia collina, F. australis, Alectryon diversifolius, A. subdentatus, Elattostachys xylocarpa, Erythroxylum sp. (Splityard Creek L.Pedley 5360), Psydrax odorata forma buxifolia, Diospyros geminata,
Pouteria cotinifolia, Croton insularis, Bridelia exaltata and Bursaria incana. Melaleuca bracteata is often present along watercourses." They add that it may or may not contain Araucaria cunninghamii.
The list is interesting, as it describes Franke scrub pretty well, except for B. rupestris (bottle tree) A. cunninghamii (hoop pine) and F. australis (Crows Ash) which all grow nearby.
There are very few protected areas of this ecosystem : (Boat Mountain CP 1, Boat Mountain CP 2, Bunya Mountains NP, Dwyers Scrub CP, Flagstone Creek CP, Main Range NP, Nangur NP, Woroon NP). These remnants require intensive management because of invasion by weeds and fire damage on margins.

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