Jul 31, 2010

You name it!

Some people think the name SCRUB does not do justice to our remnant vegetation, but that is what is has been called for a long time. More correctly, it is a MICROPHYLL VINE FOREST, referring to the small leaves, as opposed to tropical rainforest with its larger leaf forms.
The sign tells us it is Dry Rainforest Remnant. A sheltered pocket of diverse species which nurtures plants which have become less common as the surrounding area has been cleared. And the birds love it, as we do.
Should we stick with the name FRANKE SCRUB? A name should encourage us to respect and protect it.
It certainly was a vine thicket when we started clearing the asparagus vine from the canopy in 2006. These days there are few asparagus vines making it up to the canopy although they continue to germinate and threaten to take over once more. Now we watch the native plants grow and make their way up to replace the weeds.
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