Sep 30, 2009

A chipping hoe for weeds

Today we had a visit from Ian who brought his Root Blade tool to show us how well it works on noxious weeds, and we got a lot of useful work out of him!
Normally he uses it on privet and lantana with Friends of the Escarpment Parks in Toowoomba and you can see the Brothers Grimm in action on this website.
We showed him how we were more targeted to the asparagus vine in our diverse and otherwise relatively weed-free environment, taking care of surrounding plants.
Looking at those videos, it looks like we could combine forces with those fellows, if only to introduce a bit of mixed company!
We also had a visit from Evan Prentice from Torrington Nursery who happened to be passing. This is another place where you can get local native plants for your garden.

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